Kautilya update 2010: the Relevance of Kautilya in Modern Times

Kautilya lived about 2400 years ago but his vision is relevant for modern times as well.  His pragmatic approach and tools on governance, leadership, education, entrepreneurship and strategy provides food for thought and encourage those who study and reflect on his work, to build models to tackle several business related issues. This lecture covers his main messages.

Spirituality and Business: How they go together

The lecture introduces the topic of spirituality and its relevance for the business community. It gives an overview of perspectives that can be found in management and spirituality literature and their impact for business. Furthermore, we discuss conditions that are required to build in spirituality in the business community.

Entrepreneurship and Intuition

Entrepreneurs do not always take actions based on rational decisions.  Entrepreneurs often take decisions while they don’t have enough information to judge opportunities in terms of strengths and weaknesses. In these situations they rely upon intuition. This lecture introduces the topic of intuition in the context of entrepreneurship by focusing on a management but also a deeper spiritual perspective.

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